Indoor Testing

Test World are pioneers in indoor winter testing, having built the World’s first objective and subjective year-round winter testing facilities.

The indoor facilities use natural snow to give an accurate representation of winter conditions. The team at Test World bring snow indoors in the spring.

They are experts at managing the snow so that it remains consistent. The sheltered tracks give highly repeatable winter test results, whatever the weather outside.

Indoor 1

Ice and Snow Flat

For objective acceleration and braking work.

  • Testing Surface: 160 x 16m
  • Garage: 83m2 with two lifts
  • Office: 30m2

Indoor 2

Snow Handling

Closed circuit loop.

  • Testing Surface: 350 x 9m
  • Garage: 106m2 with two lifts
  • Office: 44m2

Indoor 3, 4 and 5

Snow, Ice, Wet, Dry, Aquaplaning and Split Friction

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Test World expansion plans for year-round testing indoors

On all tracks

  • Adjustable
    • Air Temperature (default -8°C during summer)
    • Air humidity
    • Surface temperature
  • Maximum vehicle weight 3,500kg
  • Maximum vehicle height 2.7m

Cold boxes: 40ft, down to -35°

Test World Indoor Tyre Testing Wet Dry Braking and Aquaplaning

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