Guide to Indoor Vehicle Testing at Test World

Guide to Indoor Vehicle Testing at Test World

For vehicle manufacturers, Test World has something unique. It offers the perfect space, security and controlled conditions for driven tests in a cold environment with or without a low friction surface.

Earlier this year, it extended the length of its indoor snow and ice platforms, and has now added asphalt tracks for wet and dry braking and aquaplaning, all under one roof. Soak boxes (to -40°C) are integrated into the facility to enable running straight onto the snow, ice or asphalt tracks. Ambient air can be cooled to -13°C and tracks to -10°C. Vehicle manufacturers and Tier One suppliers can now perform driven cold climate tests on full vehicles, systems and components throughout the year in one convenient location.

Cold weather has an effect on many elements of a vehicle, one that customers want to understand when developing batteries, transmission, lighting and advanced driver assistance systems. Test World continues to adapt its facilities to accommodate the increasing demand for testing and validating electric and Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technologies. It is fully equipped with vehicle charging infrastructure to conduct tests on hybrid (HEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV).

To showcase the flexibility of its tracks and environments for vehicle testing, Test World has put together a list of 25 cold environment tests that can be performed in its Indoor facilities:

  1. EV range testing
  2. EV performance testing
  3. EV recharging testing
  4. EV thermal management testing
  5. Baseline Traction Control System (TCS) calibration
  6. Hybrid transition
  7. Cold start testing
  8. Cold driveability
  9. Real-world defrost
  10. Real-world demist
  11. Controls operability and efforts
  12. Wiper performance (real snow)
  13. Water-ice accumulation
  14. ABS and brake tests
  15. Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) sensor performance
  16. Snow Ingress/Packing
  17. Cabin heating performance
  18. Interior Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) testing
  19. Brake noise testing
  20. External NVH: fans and systems
  21. Fuel system tests (diesel)
  22. Transmission testing
  23. AdBlue freezing testing
  24. Cold environment durability and reliability testing
  25. Lighting systems assessments

The innovative Indoor test facilities are available for rent or as part of testing carried out by the Test World team. In addition, Test World gives manufacturers an opportunity to showcase their vehicles to their customers. It hosts exhilarating driving experiences set in the vast wilderness of Finnish Lapland.

For further information about Test World and the examples of tests listed above, email or call +358 (0)44 778 8800.