Test World Announces Key Hires for Sustained Business Growth

Test World Announces Key Hires for Sustained Business Growth
  • Test World announces appointment of key staff in China and Germany
  • Newly hired Business Development Managers are tasked with managing growing demand for tyre and vehicle testing
  • Test World invests in people to sustain and build on recent business growth

Test World has announced the appointment of two key, new staff to manage demand from customers in Asia and mainland Europe. Investing in Business Development Managers in China and Germany is intended to sustain and build on recent business expansion. Test World continues to meet the increased demand for its tyre and vehicle testing services at its Ivalo proving ground in Northern Finland.

Mr Li joins Test World as a Business Development Manager with considerable experience in the tyre and automotive engineering industries in China. Mr Li will continue to be based in Shanghai, and will operate in his role across Asia. Mr Li is fluent in Mandarin and English.

Mr Chdid also joins Test World as a Business Development Manager, and is based in Dusseldorf, Germany. Mr Chdid, who speaks German, Arabic, English and French, is experienced in the automotive engineering sector having previously worked for major testing firms in Germany. Operating across Germany and mainland Europe, Mr Chdid’s will be focused on supporting the electric vehicle market.

For the start of 2020, Test World has also announced the hire of two new Test Engineers joining the company, to be based out of Ivalo, Finland, due to the increase in vehicle cold environment test programmes.

Test World is uniquely positioned as an extreme weather tyre and vehicle testing facility with specialist outdoor tracks. It also has indoor facilities for testing on snow, ice or asphalt, whatever the temperature outside. Test World has its own test team that carries out evaluations for customers. These include tyre manufacturers, vehicle OEMs and industry suppliers, who receive a fast and reliable service throughout the year. Test World’s innovative facilities are also available for hire to customers wishing to carry out their own test programmes.

Janne Seurujärvi, Managing Director at Test World, said: “We are delighted to bring these new employees on board. We look forward to using their in-depth knowledge to build on our continued global business growth. Between our two new Business Development Managers, their focus is split between tyre and vehicle testing as we look to grow both aspects of our testing regime equally.”