Test World Stays Open for Indoor Testing

Test World Stays Open for Indoor Testing
  • Wet, dry, ice and fresh snow surfaces in Indoor winter test facilities are ready for the start of the summer season
  • Customers can send tyres and vehicles for testing at Test World without having to travel to Finland, in compliance with global travel restrictions
  • Test World will carry on operating while following official health guidance and treating employee health and wellbeing as the utmost priority

Test World is continuing to operate and fulfill a busy schedule of indoor tyre and vehicle testing during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Operating within official health guidance to the strictest degree, and treating the health and wellbeing of its staff as the utmost priority, Test World strives to minimise disruption to the industry in these unprecedented times.

Supporting global travel restrictions, Test World can test tyres and vehicles without the customer having to personally visit the proving ground in Ivalo, Finland. Instead, the industry can rely on Test World to receive products by freight, which continues to move freely, and send fair and impartial test results in return.

Fresh snow has been loaded into Test World’s Indoor 1, 2 and 3 facilities, which are now open for the summer season. The indoor facilities enable all kinds of cold weather testing and include snow and ice tracks, wet and dry braking surfaces and a snow handling circuit. These tracks are unique in that they can be used all year round, whatever the weather outside. Outdoor testing will continue throughout the coming weeks, with testing taking place overnight when daytime temperatures start to rise.

Janne Seurujärvi, Managing Director at Test World, said: “This global pandemic is unprecedented and we will comply with official advice for businesses continuing to operate during the COVID-19 outbreak. For the time being, we are able to continue running indoor testing programmes safely, with the health and wellbeing of our staff at the forefront of our minds at all times. We are using our unique facilities to try and keep the industry moving while much of the automotive sector is on pause indefinitely.”