Winter Tyre Testing Made Simple at Test World

Winter Tyre Testing Made Simple at Test World
  • Brand new indoor wet grip surface at Test World conforms to the requirements of UN/ECE Regulation No 117 (R117)
  • Test World is the first in the industry to offer all the surfaces required for winter tyre certification and labelling testing, at the same time, 365 days a year

All-season and winter tyres undergo rigorous testing at Test World to ensure superior performance, regardless of the season or the weather outside. The latest expansion of its Indoor facilities, including the addition of a wet grip surface conforming to the requirements of R117, means that even more development, certification, labelling and benchmarking tests can be done 365 days a year at Test World’s proving grounds in Finland.

Test World makes testing tyres simple and efficient. It has all the necessary facilities, equipment and support for grip/traction and braking tests on snow, ice and wet and dry asphalt surfaces. They are available simultaneously, 365 days a year, in one location, for development, certification and labelling. In addition, Test World offers tyre noise testing at its sister facility, Millbrook Proving Ground, in the UK. The pass-by noise test track and surface at Millbrook is ISO 10844:2014 certified.

Test World offers 1.6km of indoor test tracks. These can be configured to suit the most demanding acceleration and brake test programmes requiring multiple test surfaces and temperatures. Independent control of asphalt surface temperature and air temperature, as well as temperatures in different areas of the facility, provides unparalleled flexibility and opens up new test opportunities, such as the possibility of controlled testing on black ice. All of this means that productivity of testing indoors can be more than double that of testing outdoors.

Apart from its facilities, Test World’s ability to carry out test programmes and evaluations for customers in-house makes it stand out in the industry. Whether it’s a full development programme, type approval to R117 or a wet grip index measurement in accordance with the EU Tyre Labelling Regulation 1222/2009, Test World offers a trusted service and reliable results at any time of the year. Its team fits their work around customers who choose to hire the facilities for their own use. The team also travels the world to support customers with summer tyre testing at various locations.

Alex Burns, President of Millbrook, said: “We are delighted to be opening this outstanding new facility. It demonstrates our commitment to find new ways to reduce the cost of testing for our customers and to help them to get their products to market more quickly. The indoor R117-certified wet braking area is a particularly significant step forward.”

Jukka Antila, Technical Director at Test World, said “We are very proud to be the game-changers of the winter tyre testing industry, time after time. We built the World’s first indoor tyre test facility here in Finland and now we are the first to offer snow, ice and wet and dry asphalt to customers, in one place, 365 days a year. If it makes the test process quicker, more efficient and more reliable – we will make it happen.”

Test World has recently won ‘Tire Industry Supplier of the Year’ category at the Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence 2019.

Find out more about the recent official opening of the new facilities here.