Vehicle Testing

Test World’s proving grounds are home to superb winter test tracks and the innovative Indoor facilities, backed by Test World’s exceptional “snowhow”.

Test tracks developed specifically for vehicle testing include a high speed circuit, a vehicle dynamics area and a snow handling track.

Test World prepares the snow and ice tracks to give consistent, repeatable test results that are highly valued by passenger car test teams.

The Season

The location 300km North of the Arctic Circle provides an exceptionally long winter test season, with outdoor tracks typically open from November to April and indoor tracks open year round.

Indoor Facilities

Test world are pioneers in indoor winter testing, having built the World’s first objective and subjective year-round winter test facilities.

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Winter Test Tracks for Vehicles

Test World’s shared access tracks, offering faster speeds with increased run off for safety, are based on compressed snow. They have been developed specifically with vehicle testing in mind.

Their construction method avoids the negative ‘polishing’ effect typical of lake-based test tracks. The expertly prepared snow tracks are inherently safer, do not suffer from unwanted surface depression, and have a longer operational season. Customers benefit from the availability of service buildings nearby, from a wide range of accommodation and hospitality options, and from Test World’s legendary customer service.

High speed snow circuit

10m wide and 3.1km long. It provides the opportunity to test vehicles in a safe and controlled environment, at continuous, high speeds.

Snow vehicle dynamics area

An open expanse of smooth, expertly prepared snow for testing vehicle dynamics.

Vehicle snow handling track

2.3km long. It enables Test World to offer vehicle manufacturers a wide range of procedures for testing safety equipment such as stability control systems.

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