Indoor 4 and 5

Test World has expanded its pioneering indoor test facilities by opening another world-first. The expansion creates three additional indoor areas, doubling the amount of indoor testing space, and introduces wet and dry braking surfaces and longitudinal aquaplaning,  all year round.

These facilities can also be operated at temperatures below freezing to create one large or two smaller ice lanes. The ability independently to control platform and air temperatures, makes it possible to create a differential so that, for example, the platform can be below freezing and the air above freezing leading to the formation of black ice. This makes Indoors 4 and 5 a true winter research laboratory.

Asphalt – Wet and Dry, Aquaplaning and Ice Platform

For objective braking work, longitudinal aquaplaning and objective acceleration and braking on ice.

  • Test facility: 410m x 8m (asphalt) or 205m x 8m (ice)
  • Adjustable:
    • Air temperature: –13°C to +15°C
    • Air humidity: 70% to 90% RH
    • Track surface temperature: –10°C to +10°C
  • Wet Braking Surfaces: 100m x 4m
  • Dry Braking Surface: 100m x 8m
  • Aquaplaning Surface: 100m x 1m, 8mm water depth

Wet and dry braking and aquaplaning

Two asphalted facilities are being added alongside the snow and ice platforms for performing wet and dry braking and aquaplaning tests.

They will be operated separately or together with a combined length of 410m.

The wet and dry braking facility opens Test World to a new market, attracting customers who wish to test winter tyres on wet and dry surfaces as well as on snow and ice. The length of the extended facility allows Test World to test brakes on passenger cars at higher speeds than possible in the existing space. The adjustable temperature and humidity give an advantage to development, certification and labelling testing for tyres by allowing greater environmental control.

Once complete, this remarkable laboratory will provide the majority of objective tests required by tyre manufacturers at one facility, year-round. The results of tests conducted indoors on natural snow at Test World are comparable to outdoor results, and so tyre manufacturers now have more of an appetite for such tests. New garages will be added as part of the expansion to support the increased number of tests.

The continued expansion of the facilities at Test World is a priority for Millbrook. It strengthens its position as the world's leading tyre and vehicle testing provider, as well as enabling it to save customers time and money by offering more services at a single location.

Time to market remains important to both tyre and vehicle manufacturers. Test World's Indoor facilities allow testing to be performed in Europe reliably in controlled conditions at any time of the year. Test World's leading know-how and management of the testing surfaces ensure excellent, real-world results.

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